Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting

Our Services

Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting provides the following services:

Individual Consulting

Atlas provides consultation services to individual clinicians and leaders to assist them in reaching their career goals.  We provide a rational and objective analysis of your clinical and business practices in order to provide you with independent recommendations to help you reach your fullest potential.  We partner with you to develop and implement a plan to reach your professional goals.  Atlas will work with you every step of the way by providing continuous support and guidance to assist you as you achieve your fullest professional potential.

Training and Seminars

Atlas provides informational and practical training for behavioral health professionals and business’s on improving their clinical and business practices.  We provide seminars focused on individual and organizational change, business practices, ethics, clinical supervision, evidence based clinical practices, quality improvement, risk management, crisis intervention, clinical assessments, and marketing.  We can also tailor a specific training for your business or organization on any related topic to meet your needs.  Atlas can provide training at your business location or at an outside site.

Organizational Consulting

Atlas provides consultation services to practices, organizations, agencies, businesses, and hospitals in the behavioral health field to assist them in reaching their goal of long term clinical and financial excellence.  We provide a rational and objective analysis of your business’s clinical and business practices and will provide recommendations for future clinical and business growth.  We partner with your business to create and implement a strategic plan to reach your goals.   Atlas will provide continuous guidance and support each step of the way on the ladder of long term excellence.

Individual, Couples, or Family Psychotherapy and Counseling

Atlas provides psychotherapy and counseling services for children, adolescents, couples, families, and adults who have behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues.  We provide a thorough assessment of your needs and an objective set of recommendations for treatment.  We utilize evidence based counseling and therapy strategies to meet your goals in an objective, assertive, and rational manner.  We have over 19 years of clinical experience in the behavioral health and substance abuse field in order to provide you with the best treatment possible to meet your goals.

We provide the following specific services for individual clinicians, leaders, and businesses:

Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting provides the following services to assist you and/or organization in reaching its realistic and rational measures of excellence and growth:

  • An objective assessment of your organizations clinical and administrative practices
  • A rational set of recommendations that are clear, objective, and based on facts
  • Assistance in developing and implementing strategic plans
  • Training for leaders and managers to assist them in providing rational, objective, and fact based leadership to their colleagues and sub-ordinates
  • Training for clinical and leadership staff in any area of clinical work and in ethics
  • Assistance in the development of new business growth strategies
  • On-going individual and group leadership coaching
  • Guidance in developing a new set of values and vision that sets the organization apart from the competition
  • Training of clinical and leadership staff on new business models and concepts
  • Assistance in development of new policies and procedures
  • Guidance in developing new service lines and revenue streams

These services can be provided both on-site and remotely.

What do we mean by Objective Analysis?

We analyze your leadership skills and/or behavioral health care organization in the following areas:
  • Clinical practices
  • Leadership skills and practices
  • Business practices (including finances and staffing)
  • Quality Improvement
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Competition and Stakeholders
  • Strengths and Challenges
  • Leadership and Management
  • Human Resources
What do we mean by Independent Thinking?
Our analysis and recommendations are independent in that we are not unduly influenced by any one factor or from irrelevant sources.  We guarantee that we will come to our findings using our own methodology and values.  

What do we mean by using Rational Ideas?
We provide recommendations and coaching to you and your behavioral health care organization that are solely fact based and rational.  Our recommendations will not be based on what we think things should be.  Our ideas are based on sound values and judgment utilizing our core values that are applied to the behavioral health care industry.  

We provide the guidance, training (for leaders and direct staff), and partnership to work with your organization to move forward towards excellence.

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