Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Atlas Behavioral Health Consulting, Inc.

“If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders - What would you tell him?"

I…don't know. What…could he do? What would you tell him?"

To shrug.” 
― Ayn RandAtlas Shrugged 

Our Mission:

To provide assertive and objective consultation to behavioral health leaders and businesses of all types to assist them in achieving long-standing evidence.

Our Vision:

We believe that in a constantly changing health care environment leaders, organizations, and businesses deserve consultation services that focuses on core objective values.

Our Values:

Reality - We base analysis and decisions on facts, not dreams.

Objectivity - We must remain objective.  Rationality is the key to survival as a business.

Honesty - We must remain in reality.  Dishonesty disconnects us from reality.

Integrity - We adhere to our values and principles at all times.

Productivity - We must be productive to obtain the resources we need to survive.

Independent Thinking - We are not unduly influenced by other organizations, single factors, or irrelevant sources.

Team Work - We value the need to form teams of productive individuals in order to meet our mission.

Pride - We take pride in our unwavering adherence to our mission, vision, and values.

Self Worth - We obtain self-esteem by achieving genuine success and maintaining our core values. 

Justice - We must rely on objective facts to base our decisions and not subjective values that lead to unfair judgments.
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